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About WillTekTel

How long has it been since you had a friend at the phone company, much less your cellular provider, cable company, or other large enterprise? Well, that is probably too long. WT&T was founded to address that.

Has your telephone, networking, or technology partner changed ownership? Has your sale rep changed more than once? Would you like to talk to someone that has experience and will give you unbiased counsel and advice? If you want a trusted advisor who will be with you and your business over the years, and not just until the contract is signed when you are handed off to another department for account management, then you should talk to WT&T.

As an Intelisys Technology Services Sales Partner, WT&T can connect your business to the skills and resources of currently 130+ companies. For a listing of that portfolio, consult Intelisys.com. In addition, with Scansource.com's (NASDAQ: SCSC)recent acquisition of Intelisys, WT&T can provide hardware sales and support from many well known brands. IT is not just a cost center anymore, but can be a competitive advantage for your business. Our marketing associates are trained and certified in the vendors and solutions that we represent.

WT&T can save you time and money, and can help make you and your business more productive and more profitable. If your current technology and telecom companies are not performing, then you should be working with WT&T to make your life easier and better. Work smarter, not harder.